the Assembly

OXBLOOD publishes a range of works from 2 of our 4 current submission categories on an ir/regular basis, releasing all the works in simultaneity as the Assembly.

The concept was derived from Deleuze and Guattari’s ontological framework of the assemblage introduced in their work, A Thousand Plateaus, as well as from collective artists’ publications such as Assembling Press and The Collective Farm works of Rimma Gerlovina, Valeriy Gerlovin, and Vagrich Bakhchanyan. Works are released first as a unified volume in the Assembly, then available for individual acquisition outside of it. This allows us to operate under the supposition that the materials/content are/is not fixed, but ex/inter/changeable, presenting different reads contingent both on their isolation and greater points of connectivity.

Publishing physically in limited editions, the Assembly is even more limited in its physical form. As such, all works included in, and the Assembly itself, are digitally archived with the intention/prospect of all works being available online at a later juncture. The digital is a potent space, possessing its own unique physicality, and unique opportunities. We believe this multi-modal and fluid approach to the production of the assembly creates an opportunity for work to be disseminated to a variety of audiences, which in some cases, the work would not have interacted with in only one form, on its own, or as part of the total assembly.

The following is a list of contributors and works currently forthcoming with the release of OXBLOOD the Assembly / V.1 this summer of 2018:

  • David Armes – (Red Plate Press; UK) – Artists’ Print
  • Jillian Bruschera – Ice Water – chapbook
  • Myrna Keliher – (Expedition Press) – Artists’ Print
  • Vida Sacic – Like Some Female Hamlet – interview w/OXBLOOD
  • Levi Sherman – Partial Press – ISBN: Commodification + Monopoly – essay
  • BP Sutton – [something billeted, something treatise] – chapbook