+ operating ideologies

As new endeavor, it may be to your benefit if you know more about OXBLOOD, and some of the goals associated with the press at this time. The best place to start is by following our collaborative manifesto project, TNI(P)P, towards a new ideology of (print) production. 

[01.Jan.2022]      OXBLOOD is an independent publisher of experimental and theoretical texts, broadsides and artists’ books. We are a concept press and a research platform. No longer operating under the imperative – GET OUT / GET OUT FAST –OXBLOOD features work from emerging artists / writers, publishing in “limited” editions that utilize whatever production technology may currently be available to the press. We question the complex urgency of our time, and embrace the process of development over periods of time, not dictated by the social intolerance of stillness.

the Assembly V.1 was produced primarily at the Wells College Book Arts Center. V.2‘s production has yet to be determined. OXBLOOD operates in-flux; recognizing permanence as a luxury which artists’ aren’t often afforded. As such, our means of production may change at any time. The press holds no print method above any other. We produce by any means necessary; scarce time, egregious labor, and lack of capital will not hinder our production.

As an intellectual body, we are well aware of the established voices of theory and discourse. These are voices of whom we all respect highly, refer to often, and could not be without—they are the grandmothers and grandfathers of critical thought. But as we enter the post-(post?)-digital age / an age where our audience seamlessly transitions from engagement with the book in its traditional object-form, non-traditional object-form, to all of its various digital permutations / we must demand (create) a platform for discourse that is as complex as the culture it operates within.

These voices may not, will not, be the status quo. They may not, will not exercise the traditional practicum that the material they handle had in the past, required. The work itself, may not, and will not be constricted by form. They are emerging voices, emerging artists, and they demand to be heard. They will shape the way we discuss and think about our work within and outside our chosen fields. In order for book arts, for all the arts, to continue to remain relevant, we must provide means of dissemination without qualification. OXBLOOD will play a role in this vitality.

We produce on ir/regular basis – in two of four categories listed in “categories of submission” – initially as the Assembly. We encourage non-traditional mediums, methods, and approaches to the book, publication, and production. Particularly, as an interdisciplinary and collaborative press – we seek experimental + theoretical submissions textual, sonic, or <?> in nature. Try us.

Do not hesitate to ask questions—this is a conversation, not a contract.