In/Conversation: On-Language Series

This section features a growing body of “conversations” and “interviews” conducted by H.R. Buechler with other artists, writers, scholars, and beings working within/around “language” (understood as a word that is multi-modal itself + open for dissection/interpretation).

These interviews + conversations occur over a Google Doc, are 1) published through that platform, and then 2) made available as an embedded .pdf. In some cases, they may 3) be published physically. This may most often be the case with conversations vs. interviews.

If you chose to view as a Google Docs publication – you may experience a complete lack of carryover in formatting that can only be adjusted by you (the user/reader) through modifying your browser’s frame to replicate a “standard sheet size.” Even then, the browser does not retain the formatting stability of the 2) embedded .PDF or 3) physical production. This aspect, is itself, part of a greater conversation.

We ask you to think of the eccentricities/qualities/properties that each of these medial transactions and transitions possess during your reading experience, and to experience them all, if possible.

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+ No. 1

Vida Sačić + H.R.Buechler / / notes for a conversation on “Like Some Female Hamlet” / /

+ No. 2

An Interview with Wells College, Scholar-in-Residence: Marianne Dages